- Download the poster template *   HERE >>

( * Poster size - 90cm x 120cm).

- Send the poster in pdf format after registration, until 07/22/2021 to the email, putting in the email title: Poster Title and Name of the lead author.

The use of the template is mandatory.
The language to be used for producing the posters is English.

The event committee will judge the three best works, and they will receive an honorable mention, a relevant research certificate, and a book on the area of biofuels and/or combustion.

The committee will evaluate each poster presentation based on the following criteria:

Evaluation criteria | Points

  • Synthesis of the research Project | Max. 2,0

  • Theme relevance for combustion science | Max. 3,0 ​

  • Poster layout | Max. 1,0 ​

  • Clarity of oral presentation | Max. 2,0 ​

  • Answers to questions | Max. 2,0

Final points 10,00


Students who are members and non-members of the Rede Nacional de Combustão (RNC) who wish to participate in the event must send, in addition to the registration form, the poster for merit evaluation, within the deadlines informed.


Teachers are exempt from sending the poster (and should do only if they wish). It is necessary to send the registration form.



To participate in the courses and lectures, it is necessary to complete and send the registration form, observing the number of vacancies for each course is 50 people (professors, researchers and postgraduate students) with direct interaction with the instructors of the course. Places are limited, considering the order of paid subscriptions. The others participate as listeners, being able to interact via chat.

Undergraduate students can only participate in the listener category.


The payment voucher must be sent on the registration form. 


Each participant must present a poster containing a personal technical contribution or the current status of their research in progress (not necessarily completed work). A permanent space will be used for the presentation of posters. A session of virtual posters will be created, which will be displayed on the 8th SoC Instagram, to publicize the school and the works. An e-book will be created with all the posters.


Students must present their work on posters. The sessions will be 60 minutes long and may be in the morning and/or in the afternoon. (Nine) panel sessions will be held. Each student will have an average of 10 minutes for the presentation. The questions will be asked in an open room in parallel to the presentation.


The works will be evaluated by members of the local committee and scientific committee during the Event. The disclosure will be made on the last day of the event (Closing).



The three best works judged by the commission (one from each area: Experimental, Numerical, Sustainability) will be awarded an honorable mention and a relevant work certificate. The poster selection committee will be composed of ad hoc researchers from RNC. And the poster selection committee for the award will be composed of five professors from different countries and/or institutions.