The VIII School of Combustion, promoted by Rede Nacional de Combustão (RNC) will take place in Fortaleza in October, 2021.

The event will gather students, researchers, professors, and industry professionals to stimulate the development of combustion science, biofuels, and conversion technologies. It also connects fundamental studies with advanced modelling applications.


The Combustion School aims to deal with aspects that vary from fundamental to innovators in combustion, mainly related to biofuels and conversion technologies in the scope of engines, gasification and pyrolysis, through training offered by Brazilian and foreign professionals with extensive experience not only in the academic area but also in the industrial area. Also, it will address fundamental aspects of the science of combustion and their interactions with other phenomena of interest, such as turbulence, multiphase flows, transfer of thermal energy via radiation, among others.

The Combustion School focuses on education. Its format includes courses, lectures, technical visits, poster sessions, integration activity, and a permanent exhibition for companies in the areas of processes, products, and services.

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