Course 1

Biofuels and Conversion Technology

Coordinator: Profa. Ana Paula Mattos (UFPA)

Vice Coordinator: Prof. Christian Coronado (UNIFEI) 

Vacancies: 50

(total = 20h)

Four modules will be offered, with eight classes of 120 minutes each. The format of the course is the following: 4 hours: Internal combustion engines fueled with biofuel; 4 hours: Biofuels and modeling; 8 hours: the most recent developments in Gasification of organic and agroforestry waste; 4 hours the Gasification and thermal system modeling.

  • Module 1 (4h): Internal combustion engines

Internal combustion engines fueled with vegetable oils (4h).


  • Module 2 (4h): Biofuels

Challenge of biofuels combustion in engines (2h).

Mathematical modeling of the combustion of gaseous biofuels (2h).


  • Module 3 (8h): Gasification:

Gasification of organic and agroforestry waste (6h).

Exergy analysis applied to combustion and gasification systems (2h).


  • Module 4 (4h): Simulation of gasification systems and thermal systems.

Gasification and systems modeling (4h).


Course 2

Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Combustion

Coordinator: Prof. Fernando Sacomano (EP-USP)

Vice Coordinator: Prof. João Marcelo Vedovoto (UFU) 

Vacancies: 50

(total = 20h)

Five modules will be offered, covering different aspects of turbulence combustion modeling. The main goal is to provide the participants with sound basis of fundamentals of turbulence, droplet heating and evaporation, the importance of chemistry modeling and advanced applications, e.g. multi-regime combustion and uncertainties modeling and estimation.


  • Module 1 (4h): Fundamentals of Turbulence.

  • Module 2 (4h): Chemistry modeling in turbulent combustion: the importance of molecular transport.

  • Module 3 (6h): Multi-component droplet heating and evaporation.


  • Module 4 (2h) Uncertainties modelling in mechanisms of chemical kinetics.


  • Module 5 (4h) Turbulent combustion modeling: multi-regime combustion.


Course 1 

Biofuels and Conversion Technologies

Prof. Ana Paula Mattos (UFPA)
Prof. Christian Coronado (UNIFEI)

Course 2

Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Combustion

Prof. Fernando Sacomano (EP-USP)
Prof. João Marcelo
Vedovoto (UFU)




A networking room will be available to allow interaction among participants and local industry