RNC member and non-member students that wish to apply for full scholarships should send an email the registration form and the poster for merit evaluation, within the deadlines informed in the calendar available in SUBMISSIONS.


Professors who are  RNC members are exempt from sending the poster. They must only send the registration form. The availability of scholarships for these professors will depend on the total resources available.


RNC non-member professors should send the registration form and poster if they wish to apply for scholarships.

Scholarships may include:

  • Tickets and fares (round trip from an available hub), accommodation in the event hotel (in double or triple apartments), and food (hotel breakfast, coffee-breaks, and lunch during the School);


All scholarship holders must present their posters at the date, place, and hour informed in the EdC website. They also need to receive a full presence in all mini-courses and lectures.


If the vacancies are not filled by the fellows (students and/or teachers), vacancies will be made available to the listeners. To participate in the mini-courses and lectures as a listener, it is necessary to complete and send the registration form, noting that the number of places for each mini-course is 50 people.



Payment can only be made after vacancies confirmation through email


Each participant (scholarship holder) must present a poster containing a personal technical contribution or the current status of their research in progress (not necessarily completed work). A permanent space will be used for the presentation of posters. The authors will remain close to their respective works during the session. Likewise, a session of virtual posters will be created, which will be displayed on VIII EdC's Instagram, to publicize the school and the works.


The poster sessions will be 30 minutes long (in the morning and/or afternoon). Each session will have 10 to 15 works and there will be 7 (seven) panel sessions, totalling about 60 to 100 works.


The posters model will be defined by the organizer committee and approved by RNC/EdC scientific committee. Posters will be evaluated by local and scientific committee members during the event. The result will be available on the last day of the event (Closing Ceremony).


​The three-best works will receive an honorable mention, a relevant research certificate, and a book of biofuels and/or combustion areas. The poster selection committee will be composed of ad hoc researchers from RNC (according to criteria to be established by the Organizing Committee). The poster selection committee for the award will be composed of five professors from different countries and/or institutions.

This committee will evaluate each poster presentation based on the following criteria (presented by the Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School):


Evaluation criterion |  Points

Synthesis of the research Project |  Max. 2,0


Theme relevance for combustion science | Max. 3,0

Poster layout |  Max. 1,0

Clarity of oral presentation | Max.  2,0

Answers to questions | Max.  2,0

Final points 10,00               

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